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How a HydroGreen Grow System Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Fully Automated Livestock Feed Growing Systems

HydroGreen Global Technologies is positioned to be the leader in automated hydroponic growing systems for production of sustainable live green grass that can be utilized in livestock feed, as well as a variety of other settings. It is in the livestock sector that HydroGreen creates the most significant influence. Including beef cattle, dairy, hog, sheep, goat, horses, donkey/mule, llama, alpaca, buffalo, poultry and even fish.

HydroGreen offers an alternative option for growing livestock feed that can free-up acres to be allocated to food production.

The patent-pending HydroGreen system is designed to provide an environmentally friendly process to grow livestock feed that is consistent, available year around, improves livestock health and reduces production costs. The HydroGreen Growing System is also an optimal choice for organic raised products since its design and methodologies do not call for herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

HydroGreen's foundation is based on traditional hydroponic growth of forages - cultivation of plant material eaten by grazing animals.

Dihl Grohs, a South Dakota rancher/farmer with operations in SD, UT and MO, developed the unit to differentiate himself from the copetition. His goal was to create a straightforward, sustainable land substitute for producing feed in a manner that nurtures farm profitability.

HydroGreen creates efficiencies that ultimately lower costs and offer cropping options through patented seeding, watering and harvesting automation adaptations over typical hydroponic forage processes. The unit, consisting of 6 levels, placed in an environmentally controlled building, grows live green forages in 6 days' time…365 days a year. And, the system is scalable for use on small, medium and large scale farms. From a few head of horses to several thousand dairy cows.

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