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HydroGreen’s one of a kind grow-systems produce live green feed for your equine friends, consistently improving feed production efficiency, while optimizing animal health and performance. HydroGreen is a great fit for equestrian stables, horse ranches, equine rescue operations, trainers and feed businesses.

With minimal land, labor, water and power, HydroGreen grow-systems provide a safe, consistent, reliable and nutritious feed source, regardless of weather or market conditions.

HydroGreen puts you in control!

Fully Automated HydroGreen Grow System

Grow System

The Facts

Expectations from HydroGreen are based on real science.

HydroGreen delivers the most digestible forms of key nutrients available, hydrolytic enzymes and elevated sugar levels that hold the potential to improve the digestibility of the entire diet, and a moisture level and taste that assure physical diet quality and palatability...every day, even when you have to make other ingredient changes.

They know how good it is!

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Horse owners and stables alike enjoy the steady flow of high quality feed to complement the other feedstuffs in their rations. With HydroGreen, a major portion of the weanling and growing foal diets, maintenance diets, mare and stallion diets and performance horse diets, will be there… every single day.

Your horses will thank you!

And, if horse owners are your customers, they will thank you too!

Live Green Feed

Grow System

HydroGreen Healthy

”HydroGreen Healthy” nutrition is delivered without the typical investments in fertilizer, chemicals, fuel, field equipment, transportation and manpower; making HydroGreen very cost-effective and very environmentally friendly.

An equine feeding program that includes HydroGreen is
“Effective, Efficient and Green”!

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