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HydroGreen Beginnings

HydroGreen Global Technologies is a producer owned startup company engineering equipment that will hydroponically grow livestock feed. The fully automated system grows small grains into healthy live feed in a manner that adds production efficiencies and enhances conservation of natural resources.

The newly developed system was invented by an entrepreneurial rancher seeking to differentiate his livestock by improving their health, implementing conservation practices and reducing operational expenses. The owner has augmented his business with a team of engineers, researchers, nutritionists, management and marketing professionals. Independent third party resources have provided expertise throughout the development and technical phases.

Utilizing HydroGreen's hydroponic technology versus conventional livestock feeding alternatives creates sustainability by eliminating the need for chemicals (pesticides/fertilizers) and reducing land requirements to grow livestock feed.


  High land prices,
  limited land availability,
  consistent quality feed source,
  climate change and
  a consumer desire for healthier natural food
  have created a market for
           HydroGreen Grow Systems.

HydroGreen's innovative technology provides an alternative to conventional production methods requiring hundreds of acres of land, big equipment, thousands of gallons of water, hundreds of gallons of fuel, and many hours of labor.

HydroGreen markets to anyone that feeds animals.


HydroGreen's unique one of a kind growing system addresses a diverse set of customer needs.

Operation in an environmentally controlled building with daily planting / harvesting provides fresh consistent feed all year round regardless of weather or climate.

The fully automated system produces animal feed with just the push of a button. Saving hundreds of hours of labor and equipment.


The patent pending system grows grasses in a controlled building environment that produces healthy live green feed, that is harvested daily. With the simple push of a button, all functions of seeding, harvesting, lighting and watering are controlled and monitored by a company developed software and computer system, eliminating labor and production side constraints. The feed crop is grown independent of weather conditions including everything from droughts to winters cold. In addition, the systems can be easily scaled to feed herds from as small as 5 head to as large as several thousand head; allowing the system to grow with the farming operation.

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Adaptable Grow System

The Grow System is adaptable in the crop and amount of product it can grow. This makes it an excellent livestock feed production choice for: 1) existing agriculture animal producers looking to enhance profitability and environmental sustainability; 2) beginning farmers with minimal capital and land constraints; 3) small to medium size farms seeking feed production alternatives to benefit their operations; 4) urban farmers without access to land; 5) hydroponic organic farming opportunities.

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