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HydroGreen Global Technologies is part of CubicFarm Systems Corp., an ag-tech
company providing automated growing systems for fresh produce and animal feed.



Automated Growing System

Live Green Feed - Daily

HydroGreen manufactures fully automated hydroponic growing systems.

HydroGreen's one of a kind grow-systems produce live green animal feed; consistently improving production efficiency, while optimizing animal health and performance. We grow live green fodder through our unique process of sprouting grains, such as barley and wheat, in a controlled environment..... every day!

With minimal land, labor, water, and power, HydroGreen grow-systems provide a safe, consistent, reliable, and nutritious feed source, regardless of the weather or market conditions. Our fully automated grow-system performs all functions including seeding, watering, lighting, harvesting, and re-seeding, all with the push of a button.

"HydroGreen Healthy" nutrition, delivered without the typical investment in fertilizer, chemicals, fuel, field equipment, and transportation; represents an excellent approach for safe feed and food production, and a responsible solution for the environment.

Why Choose Us

Environmentally Friendly

HydroGreen feed is grown using only seed, water and light.  Without any chemicals including herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

It also has potential of being classified as organic, with the right seeds.

Consistent Balanced Rations

A HydroGreen Grow System delivers consistent feed rations day after day.

With all of the inputs to the growing process being constant, the end result is the same.  Resulting in a balanced ration that does not change.

Weather Independence

HydroGreen is grown in a climate controlled structure, allowing the feed to grow independent of all external weather conditions.  Too cold or hot, too wet or dry, the weather has virtually no impact on growing HydroGreen feed.

HydroGreen Exclusivity

HydroGreen does one thing! We manufacture the best equipment available to grow livestock feed, hydroponically. With this single minded vision we are constantly learning, through trial and error testing, in search of new innovations. Always focusing our efforts on finding the better way and passing that information on to our customers.

Grow Your Operation

Expand your operation without purchasing more land.  HydroGreen offers answers that can be quick and easy. With the purchase of a HydroGreen Grow System you can easily feed more animals on less acres. When you need to expand, it can be as simple as adding another Grow System.


The bottom line is, purchasing a HydroGreen Grow System to feed your animals is an investment in your future. An option that when compared to other alternatives, may have the shortest payback on your investment.  Depending on your particular circumstances your return on your investment could be in as little as 3 year.

Feed Your Livestock

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Growing HydroGreen

Watering HydroGreen

What are the differences between HYDROGREEN and FODDER?

Fodder is typically grown in plastic pans or channels, that are seeded by hand, placed on a set of tables, watered periodically, left on the table six to eight days, the grown fodder is physically removed out of the pans, the feed is cut into pieces, the pans are scrubbed to remove any residue and then the process begins again.

With HydroGreen, all of those steps take place, simply by pushing a button. This is all accomplished on, the one of a kind, HydroGreen Grow System. The first fully automated production system for growing sprouted grains.

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